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Newsletter N01 / May 2009
16th Congress Marrakesh 2009 WVPA VIth World Veterinary Poultry Association Congress in marrakesh
event ---- 08-12 November 2009 ---- www.wvpc2009.org
Hurry up and join us ...
to make of the 16th World Veterinary Poultry Congress a successful scientific event
And celebrate
The 50th Anniversary of the World Veterinary Poultry Association in Marrakesh; one of the most charming cities in the world
Welcome to the Congress in Marrakesh
About the scientific program /
Eleven scientific sessions /
SESSION I Viral diseases
SESSION II Bacterial diseases and mycoplasmas
SESSION III Public health and related pathogens
SESSION IV Vaccines, immunity & immunosuppression
SESSION V Tumoral diseases of chickens
SESSION VI Parasitic diseases
SESSION VII Natural products for poultry health
SESSION VIII Turkey and other species diseases
SESSION IX Nutritional disorders
SESSION X Management & environment
SESSION XI Miscellaneous
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Four workshops /
WORKSHOP I Vaccination and vaccine applications
WORKSHOP II Diagnosis of avian influenza
WORKSHOP III Hatchery management and chick quality
WORKSHOP IV Listeria in poultry meat products
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Keynote speakers, who are they ? /
Bell J.G.
Briese T.
Brown I.H.
Cervelin N.
Christensen J. P.
Eterradossi N.
Fadly A.M.
Hafez H. M.
Jones R.C.
Kaiser P.
(Houghton Lecture)
Mehrez Aly M.
Remmal A.
Sparagano O.
Swayne D.E.
Tarpey I.
A panel of 15 eminent keynote speakers from all over the world...
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Social Program /
Welcome reception in a very warm Marrakshi atmosphere
A sumptuous traditional Moroccan dinner that will be an opportunity to celebrate The 50th anniversary of the WVPA
Tours and excursions to most exciting imperial cities and exotic sites of Morocco
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Discover Marrakesh
Marrakesh has given its name to Morocco and has been for a long time the capital for successive dynasties. It is a city with a special geographic situation...
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WVPC 2009 organizers
Association Marocaine de Pathologie Aviaire World Veterinary Poultry Association
Please don't forget the deadlines...
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Last call for abstracts
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Registration form
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Accommodation form
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Booth registration
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Sponsors and exhibitors
Up to now, more than 20 sponsors and exhibitors including 3 premium sponsors have already confirmed their participation to this promising event
Intervet, Schering-Plough Animal Health
All sponsors in the website
Congress Palace & Hotels
Congress Palace = Mansour Eddahbi Hotel (website)
Others hotels ....
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Contact address
For more information, please visit our website
or contact
The Congress Secretariat :
BP.6694, Rabat Al Irfane - Morocco
Phone : +212 (0) 5 37 57 87 77
Fax : +212 (0) 5 37 71 05 53